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Why does it seem like blue/green eyed, caucasian, brunette women are considered the most beautiful?
Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Kristen Stewart, and Miley Cyrus are the main ones I can think of. I think Angelina's the more attractive of the bunch. Kristen's simple but pretty, Megan's hot but almost scary with all of that makeup, and Miley's average but somewhat cute when she's not modeling like a slut (I know she's religious and I'm not calling her an actual slut).
Are just stereotypes, they are so cool because they are famous, if they were "normal" people other people would say only: nice girl, nothing else.
Is Hannah Montana the same person as Miley Cyrus?
It's really confusing when I watch Hannah Montana on Disney because one minute she's a hill billy and the next she's a horny brunette slut. Are they the same person???
Now.....are you for real?
Why does everyone think blondes are dumb sluts? I'm the smartest in my class and blonde!?
Why can't it be brunettes or redheads? Actually no because then that wouldnt be fair to them. But Blonde jokes and stuff is pretty much a form of racism against your hair colour.
Its a dumb sterotype that people like to believe. i am brunette but know many blondes that are brilliant and successful and not sluts. society likes to make fun of eachother and its one of those things that sadly will not go away.
Would you prefer to date a blonde or a brunette...?
..or does hair colour not make the slightest bit of difference?
I read somewhere that guys prefer to date brunette girls for a long-term relationship and blondes just for a fling.
I'm blonde, but I'm the total opposite of all the stupid stereotypes you hear. I'm not stupid, and I'm not a slut basically.
But does a gir'ls hair colour make a difference in the way a guy perceives her? :/
The lady I chose to spend my life with has grey hair. that's my favourite hair colour.
Question for the guys: Do you prefer brunettes or blondes?
I'm a brunette myself, and i'm thinking of going blonde, but i'm scared i might attract the wrong type of guys lol. By wrong type i mean like guys who are bad and like sluts and whores and stuff. But i don't look like one lol. Okay i better stop rambling now lol.
just an example
im slim and have an average height 5'7 but only midgets and fat chics get attracted to me ... i hope you understand what im trying to say.

Of course there are stereotypes e.g. blonde = hot and dumb (so bad guys will says to themselves wow i have a tool) and brunette (average or smart but ... nothing special)

BUT i believe that as long as the girl looks good (doesnt matter what hair colour ,style, earrings, etc i dont bother too much)

The other factors are personality and confidence - without these it'll be "only looks matter".

Also, im utterly happy to know that you're not a slut but IF you do act like one then it doesnt matter what hair coulour you have, its wont make a difference.

My personal choice
- blonde hair (natural looking gold not the white or pure gold kind)
What do you say about the following hair colours?
this what people say-
blonde - dumb, rich, sluts
brunette - smart, family oriented
black - emo, goth, scene
red - carrot top, hilly-billies

i personally don't agree with the any of the above, i wanna know what you people think (feel free to add any other colour)

(PS. i'm not offending anybody!)
I dont agree at all!!!
sometimes people become what people think they are, or whatever goes with their looks.
I have black hair and i can easily make myself look emo/goth but im not. i happen to like the color black, SO WHAT?!
Mostly, I think it may be influenced from TV characters. the hill-billies have the over-alls and the red hair, the emos always have black hair, the brunetts are always perfect.
I happen to know quite a few stupid/messed up brunetts, smart blondes, and bleach-blonde hair emos!
Do people stereo-type girls with black hair?
I was just curious because they always classify blondes as being dumb sluts, brunettes being smart, studios know it alls, and red-heads being freaky or nerdy...
Why do guys prefer brunette hair?
It seems like most of the guys at my school like brunettes, and they usually think of blondes as "tramps" or "sluts" or "ditzy". I myself am a natural blonde and I am pretty smart because I'm in advanced classes, but the guys at my school fall for brunettes and black-haired people. I know I'm not mean or ugly (some people have even called me pretty before), so why do guys tend to go for the brunettes?

P.S. Please don't tell me to dye my hair because I'm strongly against it.
bottle blonde is so 1990s
Why is there so much of the blonde and brunette stereotypes?
It's pretty stupid. I mean, really people, it's a hair colour. It doesn't affect how you think or act.

Does having black hair make you evil? No.

Does having blue eyes make you a calm person? No.

I'm a red head, and I must say that MOST blondes aren't ditsy stupid sluts. Lots of them aren't gorgeous super models, either. As for brunettes, TONS of them are stupid. And brunettes can be beautiful also. So what's up with the stereotypes?
The exact applies to race and ethnicity... Does being Mexican mean you're an immigrant? NO. Does being black mean you live off welfare? NO. Does being Asian mean you are automatically smart? NO.
How can I look attractive to guys?
it doesnt seem like any guys are interested in me. i think it could be my physical appearance. im brunette, 5foot 6, and weigh 130 ponds.i wear a 32C bra. i have deep blue eyes and straight teeth. whats wrong with me? how can i dress to get guys to notice me but not so that i look like a total slut? and i have long hair. Should i style it a certain way? any advice from anyone would b helpful!
if guys dont find you attractive... they never will (sorry to say) so you need to work on your personality

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