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Only have done oral and dry humping but no intercourse?
My guy and I have been together less than two weeks. I've given him oral and we've done dry humping (him more than me). I told him I wanted him inside me (Those are the words I used) and he basically said another time (At one point he said, right time and right place). He doesn't have a problem with me giving him oral but when it comes to intercourse, its a different thing. He lives with his parents, I would understand not having sex in the house but yet he's had me give him oral there. We see each other often (I'm seeing him for lunch later). He has no problem showing affection with me in public and has discussed relationship... both he and I want one, he's introduced me to his friends. But after the last oral, I feel sexually rejected and felt more like an object. Guys, what does this mean? Honesty... even the brutal kind... is helpful. I like him a lot. When it comes to sex and relationships, I'm extremely inexperienced... actually he's the first that I've given a ******* too.
you're the one making or allowing things for you to think that you're being an object. do you think you're not making him your object by expecting him and actually telling him to get inside of you?
well, if i were you just let things decide where they would lead to.dont force it. dont rush girl. it will flow smoothly depending on the level of your relationship and if both of you are really serious about each other. be sure that he's not just using you or you just using him to avoid great regrets later okay.good luck
I am basically scared to give oral sex and I'm not sure how to get over my fear.?
OK, here is the deal. I am in my late twenties. I haven't had a lot of sexual partners but have a fair amount of experience. I'd like to think that I'm willing to experiment and really let go in the bedroom, but once I'm there I find I have hang-ups about things. I've never explained them to my partners because it would be such a mood-killer.

I have no problems with different types of sexual positions, mine is oral sex. I've never done it with a partner. When I was 16 I was a victim of a brutal rape attack which included being forced to give oral sex by gunpoint. I had no sexual history what-so-ever prior to that experience.

I think that is initially why I have a difficult time with it. Also, I worry that because I've never done it I won't know what to do or please him. I don't want to be bad at it! I feel like they would expect at my age that I should know what I'm doing.

I'm not sure how to deal with this, I wish I didn't have this hang-up.
I don't think you should worry about that with a casual partner, but if you're in a more serious relationship then be forthcoming about it. No need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. You'll probably feel better about it after, but you can't be good at it until you practice, and you won't be able to practice until you feel comfortable about it. These expectations you have are overblown.
Do you Deep Throat with your partner?
I enjoy my share of porn. But I wonder does anyone really deep throat like the professionals? Especially brutal deep throating? And ladies if so do you enjoy taking it? Or just do it for him. I enjoy giving oral, but I think going brutal may just be a little to much.
That depends. Try (one step at a time) and see for yourself. I'm not a girl, but I suspect that girls do it for their partners and not so much for themselves. But finding a girl who'll go deep is rare, and if I ever found a girl who'd go about it the way they do in the films, I'd probably freak out and get suspicious (that's yet another reason why I suggest you go one step at a time) :-)
Swollen up uncut penis! Please help!?
I'm very worried, I had intense/brutal oral sex done to me and a few hours later my penis is all swollen up. I am uncut. Now, I can barely pull back the foreskin... Does anyone know what this could be?
I would say it's time to see a doctor, especially if the swelling doesn't go down soon.
Hope this helps
Does anyone else find this brutal??
Last year I went to a local Oral Surgeon and had what seemed to me to be the most traumatising experience in a dental chair ever!! He not only just rammed the needles in with no care in the world but pushed the plunger so hard and fast the stuff was squirting into the back of my throat!! Then he proceeded to extract 6 teeth total by placing a block between my top and bottom jaws and having his assistant hold my jaws together took a hammer and chisel and broke my teeth into several pieces before pulling them out!! I was just curious if this is the general procedure for extracting teeth?? Most people undergo this type of procedure after being put under in one way or another. I definitely am not a baby when it comes to a dental chair, the previous week I slept through 4 rootcanals with my regular dentist.
Well sorry to say, but some dentists are not as gentle as others. You dont have to give injections slowly, it just is done so it does not sting as much to the patient. It probably tasted worse then it was. The stuff is real bitter. One drop is all it takes to gag.

THe block he used, is called a bite block. We use this in longer procedures to keep you from biting down or closing from your jaw being tired. Or some people do not open wide enough, so we use this to help.

Since the assistant help your jaw, I'm assuming it was your bottom teeth being extracted. Some have us do this to keep your head from moving from side to side so there is more resistance for them to push and pull. Some teeth are brutal to come out.

The hammer and chisel you saw, is probaly what we call elevators. This is just stuff we use to get the tooth to wiggle so we can remove it. If the teeth are really bad off when we grab them with a forcep they break. So thats the cracking sound you hear. Then we have to dig and dig and use a whole bunch of other tools to get the roots out.

So for the most part it is normal, except for insensitivity.
Extracted Teeth After Pain,Brutal Honest Opinions Please?
I'm getting 3 teeth extracted tomorrow at the oral surgeon,ones an impacted wisdom tooth,I've had teeth removed before and the after pain wasn't that bad,but never an impacted wisdom tooth,I'm going to be put to sleep during all this obviously cuz first off,I don't most people can handle 3 teeth at once awake AND an impacted wisdom tooth..I'm just nervous about the impacted wisdom tooth extractions after pain,assuming there will be no complications during the surgery and afterwords,I'd like to know your honest opinion on how severe the after pain was for you and how long it lasted (once again,assuming no complications..if you did have complications though,let me know too,so if I know my after pain is normal) I'm sooo nervous..And I know pain is different for everyone,but I want your opinion on your experiences please
It all depends on ur pain tolerance, for me It was hardly painful. ( all four of mine were partially imapcted and fully impacted). Yo uwill be fine jsut follow all of the directions that were given to u by ur dentist. good luck.
Do you Deep Throat with spouse/partner?
I enjoy my share of porn. But I wonder does anyone really deep throat like the professionals? Especially brutal deep throating (gagging, holding the nose, trowing up, and slapping)? And ladies if so do you enjoy taking it? Or just do it for him. I enjoy giving oral, but I think going brutal may just be a little to much.
I only enjoy violent sex?
I'm 20 years old and I've been sexually active since I was 16. I find that out of all the sexual experiences I've had, I simply cannot enjoy it unless it's really violent (choking, brutal gagging during oral, hair pulling, him spitting on me, smacking..). Is this common or do I have a problem?
This is not uncommon at all. Don't feel like it is wrong to like what you like. If it affecting your life in a negative way, I'd suggest seeing a sex therapist- you may have a deeper issue affecting your ability to enjoy 'normal' sex.

Many women like feeling like they have no control in the bedroom. It is impossible to feel sexual guilt or shame if you have no responsibility or choice in what is happening. Blame our conservative society and religions for making us feel thats sex is dirty.
Masturbation problems. (female only please)?
when i masturbate, nothing feels good. i'm so tight it sometimes hurts. i get wet and i've tried lube but it sometimes still hurts me to even try. vibrators, fingers and clit stimulation don't work. the closest i've got to pleasure was when my boyfriend performed oral sex on me. what can i do???? please don't be brutal on answers.
You need to relax physically and emotionally. Then working with finger or vibrator on clit ensuring a good lubrication would certainly bring you pleasure.
Horrible horrible story?
This is so incredibly sad and disgusting. Seriously, Mom, boyfriend and the CPS workers who left this little girl in the house after they found her to have oral AND genital HERPES need to have all the life crushed out of them, permanently. Let me know what you think ....


Disturbing details about 4-year-old girl's death revealed in court

05:29 PM CDT on Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jeremy Desel & Kevin Reece / 11 News

HOUSTON – A couple charged in the brutal beating death of 4-year-old Emma Thompson faced a Houston judge Tuesday morning.

The judge set bond at $50,000 for Abigail Elizabeth Young, Emma's mother.

He denied bail for Lucas Ruric Coe who remains in the Harris County Jail.

In video of the hearing, Young and Coe stood side by side several feet apart as they faced the judge.

Other accused criminals in the courtroom could be seen shaking their heads in disgust and covering their faces, shocked by the allegations leveled against Coe.

Emma died at a Woodlands hospital on June 27.

The autopsy showed Emma had "80 contusions, a severe head laceration, a scalp hemorrhaging, skull fracture, internal bleeding, a severe tear and hemorrhaging to the vagina."

The cause of death was blunt force trauma to the abdominal area which had caused several internal injuries.

Young and Coe are charged with felony injury to a guy.

Young was arrested Monday at Trinity Hospital in Brenham where she works as a registered nurse.

Coe was arrested at a relative's home in Montgomery County.

The Gulf Coast Major Offenders Unit says that Coe tried to flee, but surrendered after a short foot chase.

CPS began investigating the family in early June after Emma's father called to report she was covered in bruises.

"These injuries occurred in the same time frame that defendant Coe started staying with defendant Coe at Young’s residence," according to the probable cause warrant.

Young initially told investigators Emma was hurt when she fell out of bed.

“The statements given by both the mother of the guy and the boyfriend were inconsistent with injuries presented,” said Anthony Kelly, who worked on the case.

A doctor discovered Emma also had oral and genital herpes.

CPS began investigating, but they didn't remove Emma from the home. Weeks later, she was dead.

Lucas Ruric Coe, left, and Abigail Elizabeth Young are charged in the death of Young's 4-year-old daughter, Emma.

Sheriff's detectives say there are now open investigations into every guy that the couple has come into contact with including Coe's own 4-year-old daughter.

CPS also had investigated Coe three times in unrelated cases involving another girlfriend's guy. He has a criminal history that includes charges of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal mischief.

If convicted, a felony injury to a guy charge could result in a life sentence.
O My God that is so sad. I hate any story that involvs guyren. This is so sad. Poor Emma

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