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Do your nipples get engorged and show more veins during early pregnancy?
I am bout 4 - 5 weeks along I find out tomorrow but one thing I have noticed is how many veins I suddenly have around my nipple and breast.. Is this normal they are also a little swollen
Before I found out that I was pregnant, I found a couple of blue veins on my breasts. I had never had them before until then. I had a feeling that I was pregnant and that confirmed it as I had never had these veins before. Its normal, don't worry.

I was about 4 - 5 weeks at the time too of finding the veins on my breasts. I am now 7 weeks and they are still there. They are also slightly bigger too.

Hope this helps and good luck :)
Nursing Cat Nipples ENGORGED-help!?
My moms cat recently gave birth to 4 kittens. They are about 4-6 weeks now and they were aggravating my mom so she gave them to my brother and i for the night. They began eating dry food (dampened) and drinking warm milk. My mom took them back at about 12:30 in the afternoon. When she came home with the kittens, the mom wanted NOTHING to do with the kittens. She actually ATTACKED her kittens! My mom, extremely confused, went over to the cat to find her nipples ENGORGED with milk to the point where they were leaking! She is in so much pain and she is so pissy! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! Answers are GREATLY appreciated! XOXOX
Do they make breast pumps for cats?
(not a planned pregnancy) now 3 out of her 10 nipples look engorged maybe infected .should puppies be nursing?
pomeranian dog had 4 puppies...it niow looks like a few of her nipples might be swollen i just noticed this and i wonder how long they have been like that and if i should stop the puppies from nursing...i am going to taker her to the vet this week...or would that be too long to wait???couod the puppies get sick from these infected teats
get her to the vet she has a bad infection...take the pups off her or they can get the infection....best not wait i would take her now...
What do I do if I stoped breastfeeding and my breasts are engorged?
I just stoped breastfeeding my baby. I did that gradually, so both the baby and I would have a smooth transition. Last week I was breastfeeding every two days and now that I finally quit (This is the 3rd day without breastfeeding) my breasts are engorged and sore, especially inside the nipple area. Is that normal for the nipples to feel like there are little rocks underneath them? What can I do to help the engorgement and soreness? What's going to happen to this "left over" milk inside my breasts? HELP!
use hotpads and pressure to help your breasts stop making milk. You body will re-absorb the milk eventually, but it will hurt for awhile. Don't pump the milk out, it wil only encourage you to make more. If its really painful, express a little to take off the pressure, but not much. Call you dr, there are meds you can take to speed up the dry out. Good luck
How can i get my baby to latch on to engorged breast?
My breast , nipples and areola are large , and now there engorged i cant get him to latch on i've been trying for the past 2 nights what should i do???
yes to what the 2nd poster said! I had the same problem. And once they go down, it will be much easier!
Will my breasts become engorged again?
I was breast feeding and my breasts became engorged and my nipples were tender so I stopped. Its been a week and I would like to try it again. I still have milk since I am leaking all the time. Will my breasts become engorged again or will they now only produce what I need?
your breast will sore for some weeks. Lansinoh cream is very good and also warm bath gives you so much relax. Continue on breastfeeding this is the best thing you ever give to ur guy.
How do I soften my nipples?
I am completely engorged. I want to nurse my daughter but she can't latch on because my nipples are stretched out and hard. How can I soften them so that my baby can feed?
Manually express some of the milk. That will soften the tissue right behind the nipple and make it much easier for her to latch.

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