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I'm a gay bottom & sleeping with a male from a long back,i love anal penetration....?
i love to be penetrated,also i love to act as a female. does it will effect on my hormonal balance ?
Can marry a woman in future ?
ummm no your gay why would you want to marry a women?
I have hsv2-anal herpes, if i sleep with someone with herpes will mine get worse?
Suppose i have anal herpes and i sleep with someone without a condom who has herpes, will i get a worse case of herpes? And dont worry im definitely NOT doing this, its just plain old curiosity.
No. My BF and I both have the same type of herpes and we have sex regularly since we live together. It doesn't seam to affect his or my severity out breaks. You don't really need to use condoms if you have the same type of herpes and your in a comitted relationship. Sex can trigger out breaks but it's not supposed to make them worse, out breaks are supposed to get less severe over time.
Did the guy i'm sleeping with lie to me about liking or trying anal?
so last night we were taking a shower and he went to do it!! (anal)
he told me for years....even before we had sex.... that grossed him out and he never has done and and never will do it? he was so adamant about never doing it

what's up with that?

i am not into that but i never told him i wasn't
In order to distract you're rear guard, thus enabling him to flank you.
Why do I get anal cramps in my sleep?
I wake up twice a night every night with an anal cramp so bad I cry and have to stand up and sometimes jump up and down a little while holding my breath. Has anyone ever heard of this? Sometimes there is tissue residue in my underwear and sometimes now. I am not gay and have never inserted anything into my anus.
It is probably that rosary bead moving around in your rectum. Stop shoving things up your @$$ that aren't designed to go in there, get yourself some real anal beads, and see a proctologist about that stray bead before it causes you any more trouble.
How do I introduce her to anal?
I've been sleeping with a girl for 2 months now. Shes 14 and I'm 16. What is the best way for me to introduce her to anal. Should I just slip it in there or talk to her about it?
you just rape her
How do I tell my girlfriend that I'm not an anal virgin?
She doesn't know my past of sleeping with guys... Ive been really horny for anal. Do you think she would give me some? (strapon for her)
How about you just ask her?
Is sleeping with a virgin really that much more worth it then a non virgin?
i have had a virgin that has fooled around before me, however i was always wondering if its really all that special as people make it out to be to sleep with a virgin that has hymn such that does not allow her to use tampons. is it really that tight? is it really that super special? is it tighter then anal or just about the same? or just bragging wrights?
I think people like virgins more cuz they are one cleaner, two you can have the pride of saying you where 1st to do them. Its true that some virgins cant use tampons (they normally see a doctor to fix that problem) but thats some not all.
The guy i'm sleeping with says he would never do anal and then?
last night we were taking a shower and he went to do it!!
he told me for years....even before we had sex.... that grossed him out and he never has done and and never will do it? he was so adamant about never doing it

what's up with that?
was he drunk? maybe he got the wrong hole?
How often is a dog supposed to express his anal glands?
My dog probably expresses his glands once a week when he's sleeping and it smells so horrible. Is this normal?
That doesn't sound normal, especially since he's expressing his own glands in his sleep.

Anal glands are sacks of secretion that a dog uses to scent to excrement, thereby allowing himself to mark his/her territory. It also helps to lubricate the excrement, making it easier to pass. The glands should express automatically when a dog relieves itself and healthy glands will be almost scentless and the expressed liquid will be clear or slightly yellowish in color.

However, the glands can easily become compacted with feces, and they no longer express themselves. When the glands do express, the smell is, in a word, rank, and the liquid will often be a maroon or coffee color. I would liken it to balsamic vinegar, in my personal opinion.

If your dog is constantly dragging his butt across the carpet, it's a good sign that he has compacted anal glands. Also, I've never heard of anal glands simply expressing themselves while he sleeps; it sounds as if the glands are simply so compacted he can't help but to express them slightly through simple shifting in his sleep. Another good way to see if this is the case is to simply feel around your dog's anus. If he is that compacted, he's probably uncomfortable and will express that.

You can attempt to express your own dog's anal glands. I've done this before and it's saved me a trip to the vet/groomer. You want to go outside or, if your dog is small enough, put him in the bathtub or sink. Put on a rubber glove for this, it's going to get messy.

Holding your dog by the collar or neck with your left hand (or right hand if you're left-handed), feel gently around his anus. Around 4:30 and 7:30 pm (on a clock face), you'll feel two slight sacks, almost like grapes. If the glands are compacted, they may be larger. If they're only slightly compacted, you may have trouble locating the glands.

If you THINK you've found the glands, squeeze and slide your fingers toward each other, pushing simultaneously on both glands. Chances are a liquid like balsamic vinegar will squirt out. This may cause your dog some discomfort, but if he's willing to hold still, continue squeezing. After the initial "squirt," you can probably get one or two more large drains out of each gland. You may have to press a bit harder to fully drain the gland (Once again, don't HURT your dog. If he is uncomfortable: snapping, crying, etc., just stop).

If you feel like the dog is too uncomfortable with you doing this or that you can't drain both glands, then take your dog to a vet. They have instruments that allow them to work internally and fully express a gland. However, if this stops the practice of the dog expressing in his sleep, it sounds like you've found a solution to the problem. Regardless, get this checked out the next time you got to see your vet for a check-up.
How do I avoid getting feces on my lover's penis during anal sex?
So I've been sleeping with a man with a very large unit who likes to go very deep. It feels incredible but things have come up brown a few times now, even when I thought I had planned well enough for it not to happen. Any suggestions as far as eating (maybe what I should be eating) and pooping (as in when should I try to sync up my bathroom visit with my butt sex romps) ?

whatever you do, don't eat Taco Bell!

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